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Apparition - Adobe Muse Widget

Apparition is a widget creates a sense of elegance and intrigue for the user as they scroll. With apparition you can animate elements to fade into view as the user browses through your web page.

Bliss - Adobe Muse Template

An elegant, professional Adobe Muse template that is absolutely perfect for photographers of all kinds. Included with this template is 2 widgets. A responsive gallery and a SEO friendly review widget.

Digital - Adobe Muse Template

A simple, sleek, web design geared towards digital designers and digital marketers. This template was designed in responsive Adobe Muse that includes a page transition widget.

Fluid Gallery - Adobe Muse Widget

A responsive gallery for your Adobe Muse project. This gallery allows you to upload as many images as you need and allows for SEO friendly image captioning & a sleek lightbox image slideshow.

Modern Menu - Adobe Muse Widget

A modern take on how navigation should be. A unique menu that is fully responsive and easy to set up and use.

Pulse - Adobe Muse Widget

Add attention grabbing tooltips to your Adobe Muse project with Pulse Tooltip. This Adobe Muse widget was developed with modern graphic design in mind and is ready to help make your project stand out.

Snipcart Integration - Adobe Muse Widget

Add the Snipcart e-commerce solution to your Adobe Muse website. With this widget, you can add products, product attributes, offer subscription plans, user profiles, and a custom shopping cart.

Vitality - Adobe Muse Template

Vitality is a beautifully designed template with the modern design techniques implemented in both layout and interaction. The theme is perfect for designers, small businesses such as gyms, spas, salons, and more.

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