We love doing this. We love sharing our experiences, our know how, and all around everything we do with all of you. When we first started with all of these creative endeavors, we dreamt of finding a platform that offers free information. So, with this platform, we are doing everything in our power to keep all of these learning resources free.

But as you can imagine, planning for the courses, recording the video courses/lessons, and creating project assets (templates, source code etc.) all take time, effort, and sometimes money. And to keep creating all of these tools / courses / lessons, we could really use your help. Whether it is a one time donation via the secure form on this page or you decide to contribute a small monthly amount through Patreon, every little bit helps. Every bit donated will go towards keeping the dorky team here alive and well, along with creating brand new lessons, tools, and all around database of creative resources.

Our dream is to build a community of creatives that can help support one another and eventually offer not just our courses for free, but have the templates, LUT's, and other creative tools we create be free as well!


One Time Donation

Thank you for your consideration in donating to our nerdy cause. It really does mean so much to us! For a one time donation, you can use our secure donation form which can be shown using the button directly below.


Recurring Donations

If your looking to donate on a routine basis, then first of all, we would be so grateful. To contribute using this method we have started a Patreon and can accept recurring donations / contributions through there.

Like What We Do But Can't Afford To Donate?

We get it. Not everyone hase the current means to be able to help financialy. So should you really love what we do, we would appreciate it if you go through our courses, tutorials, and creative tools and share what we do via your favorite social media or even through email. This will help spread the word on what we do!

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