Contact The Nerd

You're about to write the nerd of nerds... Me (Ben). Please understand that you do this at your own risk! I try to respond to everyone to the best of my ability but please understand that I am in fact human and to add to that, I am only one person.

Feel free to write me if you:

  • Are seeking creative consultation.
  • Are seeking Video Production.
  • Are seeking Photography.
  • Are seeking Web Development / Design.
  • Just want to show your support and say hi!

Now with that said, I do teach a lot on YouTube. If you are trying to reach me with a specific question about a tutorial I have recorded in the past, then please understand that I do try to keep my inbox specifically for business inquiries / standard messages only. All in all, please keep the questions regarding tutorials on YouTube with the associated video.

Aside from that, I look forward to hearing from you!

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