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Learning Davinci Resolve 14 - The Basics

Recently, I mentioned why I switched from Premiere Pro To Davinci Resolve 14 and it received quite a bit of attention (which I will admit I was excited for). But with this attention came quite a lot of questions on how to actually use Resolve so I decided to create an absolute beginners set of tutorials that would get you accustomed to the Davinci Resolve interface. 

My Favorite Cinematic Video Settings For DJI Mavic Pro

So, after much testing, experimentation and overall fly time... I believe I can adequately talk about what I feel the best video settings are for the DJI Mavic Pro. Now, with that said, please understand that while I believe this is a great starting point for most cinematographers / videographers, I don't believe this is a 'one size fits all' solution as there is no perfect cinematic settings. This is just what I use in my workflow and this is what I have found gives the greatest creative freedom in terms of post production. So, without further to do, allow me to share my settings. 

Good One Business Catalyst... You Won Me Over Again

So, this morning I woke up to a nice new update from Adobe's Business Catalyst that simply says... 'SSL' encryption is now available. Why is this a big deal to me? Well, simply put, most competitors (if you could even call them that) already have had this feature and it has progressively become a more important feature. Especially if you want to create a dynamic platform that will house customer profiles, passwords, and even take payments. 

I Bought A Mavic Pro Drone... And I Love It (A Review Of The DJI Mavic Pro)

Now, let me start this off by saying that this review will cover some of the specs but to be honest, I really wanted to really focus on how easy this is to use along with the footage you can capture with it. Also, I am by no means a 'Drone Professional' but I do have experience with camera. 

How To Compress Images For The Web In Adobe Photoshop

Recently, I was working on a project and realized that a huge part of my workflow was actually editing and compressing my images. the funny thing is, I spend so much time thinking about what to teach for web design and web development that I skipped over a crucial part of web design that doesn't involve code. So, today, let's tackle that crucial part of image compression. 

How To Create A Full Page Width Layout In Adobe Muse

So I have gotten this question a lot lately and I feel terrible for just now getting to it. All in all, ever since I published our 'Digital' Adobe Muse template (which you can download here), I have received emails and comments asking how to create a full width page layout inside of Adobe Muse. Well, allow me to show you young padawan! (Sorry, Star Wars reference) 

Do I NEED Social Media For My New Business? No & Here's Why

Let's tackle a question I get all too often... And that is "Do I NEED social media for my business? Should I have a dedicated social media specialist?" 

Adding Page Transitions To Your Adobe Muse Website (Build Your Own Transition Widget)

Recently I had a pretty incredible question come up and I was really excited. Max asked if there was a way to add page transitions to an Adobe Muse website without a 3rd party widget. Well, there is a way but honestly, it is far more complex then using a widget approach. So in this article I will teach you how to BUILD your OWN page transition widget from scratch. On top of that, for those of you lazy bones out there, I will also include the completed widget in the download as well for you to use in your projects. So yes, if you really want to avoid learning anything today, feel free to download the widget along with the project files below. 

How To Create A Fixed Navigation In Adobe Muse (All About Pinning)

With the new Adobe Muse (and even the older version), pinning could be kind of confusing for new users. What does it do and how would I use it in my project? Well today I want to tackle that. Yes this is a whole post / tutorial dedicated to just pinning inside of Adobe Muse but if you haven't fully understood pinning before, you will now.  

How Place Text Inside Of Responsive Columns With Adobe Muse (No Widgets Needed)

Let's face it, Adobe Muse makes placing text columns a little complicated simply because the text doesn't redistribute evenly and each text box is it's own drawn element on the Adobe Canvas. Well, today I want to show you guys how easy it is to add CSS columns to your Adobe Muse project and we will do this without the use of widgets. Along with learning about CSS columns, we will also lightly touch on CSS Media Queries as well (the responsive breakpoints in CSS). 

How To Create A Video Background In Adobe Muse (No Widgets Required)

When it comes to design and creating truly eye catching layouts, it seems that nothing can beat video. When it is properly used, it can increase web conversions dramatically. Well, in Adobe Muse, there sadly isn't a great built in feature to use video as a hero banner or as a background so today, let's take a look at how to create a video background for our Adobe Muse website. 

How To Make iframe's Responsive (YouTube Embeds, Google Maps etc.)

Now that responsive web design is an absolutely necessary with all of the internet capable devices out there, it is pretty important that all of your content can hold up as well. This includes embedded videos and maps that always come in the ever pesky <iframe>...