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Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives For The Programs I Use The Most

So I have been extremely interested in learning about alternatives to Adobes Creative Cloud programs such as another photo editor, vector editor, video editor, and video compositor. All in all, the tools that I use the most so if you are here looking for an alternative to Indesign, or Adobe Muse, well then... I won't be touching those as of right now because I have yet to find solid alternatives. 

5 Tips For Hiring A Quality Professional Photographer

I’m currently working on a tutorial to help web creatives, who are not professional photographers, learn to take beautiful images for their own businesses or the businesses for which they build. As I mentioned in a previous post, (The Importance of Quality Images For a Website), I can’t stress enough the importance of quality photography content in websites and marketing material. From the products, filler images, and profile images, these are what initially catch the eye of the customer… and will hopefully keep them there to learn more.  

Business Catalyst - Why You Can Use It For Everything (Squelching Some Myths)

I often get messages from designers and developers alike asking which platform to use for their blog / e-commerce business / forum / property listing application / subscription based business / so much more. What do I answer with? Business Catalyst. Why? Because it does all of the above and still gives you full creative control. 

Create Full Page Video With HTML & CSS

So, I realized I wrote an article on how to place a full page background in Adobe Muse but not how to place an full page video in the regular HTML and CSS context. So, let's dig right in. 

The Importance of Quality Images For Websites

I’m going to go out on a limb here and state an opinion about which I feel very strongly… The images you choose or take for your website content can make or break the site. I believe quality of images that you use for content, whether they be products, fillers, or profile images, are just as important as the actual functionality and user experience of the website itself.

How To Create A Full Page Width Layout In Adobe Muse

So I have gotten this question a lot lately and I feel terrible for just now getting to it. All in all, ever since I published our 'Digital' Adobe Muse template (which you can download here), I have received emails and comments asking how to create a full width page layout inside of Adobe Muse. Well, allow me to show you young padawan! (Sorry, Star Wars reference) 

How To Change The Text Highlighter Color In Adobe Muse (No Widgets Needed)

When it comes to web design, hopefully by now you guys know that I really focus on all of the small details as I believe that is what makes a beautiful website / user experience. Included in these small details is the text highlight function which is sometimes ignored. So, today I wanted to share with you how you can add just a small bit of code and change the text highlight color in Adobe Muse. 

Optimal Breakpoints For Responsive Web Design

Now, responsive design has been around for quite a while and with the amount of devices that have access to the internet constantly growing, it only makes knowing the best breakpoints for web design that much more important. So, in this article, I wanted to share the breakpoints I consistently use in my web design projects. 

How To Create An Advanced Blog Layout In Business Catalyst

So, let's be honest. The default Business Catalyst blog layout is pretty... boring. Now, I keep seeing some updates to some of their servers with a new blog layout but it is... also boring. So, let's take a look at how to take this from standard to a truly beautiful design / layout that just asks to be read. In fact, let's create something similar what I have done for this blog. (I just realized how cocky that sounded but hey, I love the layout of this blog.) 

My Approach To Making A User Friendly Website - Tips I Try To Live By

When it comes to web design projects, I always have a basic approach to ensuring the website is VERY user friendly. Am I a User Interface designer? No, but I don't believe you need to be in order to make very user-friendly websites. It all comes down to thinking like a website user. 

Working With Un Responsive Widgets In Responsive Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse has come quite a long ways since it was first released. We are now able to keep up with today's modern web through the use of responsive / fluid design and that my friends, is incredible in itself. But for how far Adobe Muse has come, there are still some hiccups. For instance, when you go to create a contact form in Adobe Muse, you might of noticed that the form is not responsive / fluid what so ever. So how do we account for this without making our whole page / breakpoint fixed? Well, today I am going to show you how you can keep your responsive layout and still use the unresponsive widgets. 

Add A Thumbnail To Your Business Catalyst Blog Posts

Let's face it. The default layout to the blog module in Business Catalyst is pretty 'meh' and if your coming from a code-less platform like Adobe Muse, adding a thumbnail may seem like a mountain of work / code. Well, let's tackle it right now and add a thumbnail to your blog right here and now!