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Create Unique Navigation, Modals, And Engaging Interfaces With 1 Plugin

Ok, let me start this out by saying I built this for my own personal front end framework, Seed (in the process of releasing it to the world through Github soon, so stay tuned if interested). With it's creation a couple of months ago, I can tell you quite honestly that I have used this JQuery plugin the most out of ALL of my JavaScript/JQuery tools created. Seriously, this 10 lined little plugin has let me create some really sleek layouts with ease. So what is it? Simple... A CSS class name toggler. 

Create Full Page Video With HTML & CSS

So, I realized I wrote an article on how to place a full page background in Adobe Muse but not how to place an full page video in the regular HTML and CSS context. So, let's dig right in. 

Adding Page Transitions To Your Adobe Muse Website (Build Your Own Transition Widget)

Recently I had a pretty incredible question come up and I was really excited. Max asked if there was a way to add page transitions to an Adobe Muse website without a 3rd party widget. Well, there is a way but honestly, it is far more complex then using a widget approach. So in this article I will teach you how to BUILD your OWN page transition widget from scratch. On top of that, for those of you lazy bones out there, I will also include the completed widget in the download as well for you to use in your projects. So yes, if you really want to avoid learning anything today, feel free to download the widget along with the project files below. 

The Voodoo That Is SEO And How You Really Need To Use It For Your Websites

When it comes to SEO, there is a lot or crazy terms thrown around. There are 'SEO Specialists' and when they approach you, they will try and make you feel like you absolutely NEED to have a dedicated SEO Specialist for your website or even use one for your web design that you are currently working on. Well, allow me to put your mind at ease. I say this meaning absolutely no offense to any SEO specialists out there but SEO is just a new position that is trying to make it's way into the mainstream of the whole website creation process. 

Use JavaScript To Get The Current Year For A Dynamic Footer / Copyright

So, you have built your website's template and have your navigation in place, beautiful page layouts and now it is time for the footer elements. You get down there and type in the regular '© 2016, Your Company Name, All Rights reserved' and then it dawns on you. Are you going to have to update all of these copyright years next year in 2017? Well, let's write a quick JavaScript that will take care of that for us. 

How To Create An Advanced Blog Layout In Business Catalyst

So, let's be honest. The default Business Catalyst blog layout is pretty... boring. Now, I keep seeing some updates to some of their servers with a new blog layout but it is... also boring. So, let's take a look at how to take this from standard to a truly beautiful design / layout that just asks to be read. In fact, let's create something similar what I have done for this blog. (I just realized how cocky that sounded but hey, I love the layout of this blog.) 

How To Customize The Business Catalyst Blog Pagination Using Liquid

Well I will be honest here and say how disappointed I was with the default pagination that was output to the Business Catalyst blog module (and e-commerce I might add). It gave you little room to customize the appearance and to be quite honest, looked lazy. Well, today let's utilize some of BC Next's new features such as liquid to create a new pagination that will allow us to easily target our pagination elements and style them using CSS. 

How To Access The Business Catalyst JSON Object

Now, BC Next isn't exactly new BUT a lot of Business Catalyst partners have not utilized the new changes because they aren't sure how to or they don;t know where to look. Well, let's start with the basics today. Let's take a look at how Business Catalyst exports entire pages as a JSON object and how we can access this data to create dynamic web pages and applications. 

Where To Learn To Code - A Review Of Team Treehouse

A lot of you may know me, this website, and the YouTube channel for my Adobe Muse tutorials and widgets. Well, it wasn't too long ago that I was looking up these same tutorials for Adobe Muse and trying to learn the ins and outs of the web. I kept wanting to learn more and push Adobe Muse to do more until one day my brain kinda snapped. I wanted to do more then Adobe Muse was able to do. So, I decided to learn to code. I didn't even know what languages did what, or even where I should start but I knew that I needed to learn. So, I hopped online and did some quick research and decided to join Team Treehouse. I started with their basic plan ($25 / month) and I am so glad I did. 

How Place Text Inside Of Responsive Columns With Adobe Muse (No Widgets Needed)

Let's face it, Adobe Muse makes placing text columns a little complicated simply because the text doesn't redistribute evenly and each text box is it's own drawn element on the Adobe Canvas. Well, today I want to show you guys how easy it is to add CSS columns to your Adobe Muse project and we will do this without the use of widgets. Along with learning about CSS columns, we will also lightly touch on CSS Media Queries as well (the responsive breakpoints in CSS). 

How To Create A Video Background In Adobe Muse (No Widgets Required)

When it comes to design and creating truly eye catching layouts, it seems that nothing can beat video. When it is properly used, it can increase web conversions dramatically. Well, in Adobe Muse, there sadly isn't a great built in feature to use video as a hero banner or as a background so today, let's take a look at how to create a video background for our Adobe Muse website. 

How To Make iframe's Responsive (YouTube Embeds, Google Maps etc.)

Now that responsive web design is an absolutely necessary with all of the internet capable devices out there, it is pretty important that all of your content can hold up as well. This includes embedded videos and maps that always come in the ever pesky <iframe>...