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Good One Business Catalyst... You Won Me Over Again

So, this morning I woke up to a nice new update from Adobe's Business Catalyst that simply says... 'SSL' encryption is now available. Why is this a big deal to me? Well, simply put, most competitors (if you could even call them that) already have had this feature and it has progressively become a more important feature. Especially if you want to create a dynamic platform that will house customer profiles, passwords, and even take payments. 

Business Catalyst - Why You Can Use It For Everything (Squelching Some Myths)

I often get messages from designers and developers alike asking which platform to use for their blog / e-commerce business / forum / property listing application / subscription based business / so much more. What do I answer with? Business Catalyst. Why? Because it does all of the above and still gives you full creative control. 

How To Create An Advanced Blog Layout In Business Catalyst

So, let's be honest. The default Business Catalyst blog layout is pretty... boring. Now, I keep seeing some updates to some of their servers with a new blog layout but it is... also boring. So, let's take a look at how to take this from standard to a truly beautiful design / layout that just asks to be read. In fact, let's create something similar what I have done for this blog. (I just realized how cocky that sounded but hey, I love the layout of this blog.) 

How To Customize The Business Catalyst Blog Pagination Using Liquid

Well I will be honest here and say how disappointed I was with the default pagination that was output to the Business Catalyst blog module (and e-commerce I might add). It gave you little room to customize the appearance and to be quite honest, looked lazy. Well, today let's utilize some of BC Next's new features such as liquid to create a new pagination that will allow us to easily target our pagination elements and style them using CSS. 

How To Access The Business Catalyst JSON Object

Now, BC Next isn't exactly new BUT a lot of Business Catalyst partners have not utilized the new changes because they aren't sure how to or they don;t know where to look. Well, let's start with the basics today. Let's take a look at how Business Catalyst exports entire pages as a JSON object and how we can access this data to create dynamic web pages and applications. 

How To Submit A Business Catalyst Standard Webform Using Ajax / JSON

So when I started using Business Catalyst, I quickly learned how much the CMS uses redirects for almost everything and quickly grew frustrated. As a budding developer, I had no idea how to work with these redirects and at the time had only just started to learn JavaScript and JQuery. I heard about Ajax and immediately searched to see if this was available to use in BC's webforms and found Business Catalysts documentation on how to submit a webform using Ajax / JSON but being the newbie I was at the time, I just copied the code repeatedly throughout my external JS file which as we all know is not good practice. Finally, I decided to take a new approach and create my own plugin for the Ajax / JSON webform submission so that way my external JS didn't accumulate unnecessary bloat and slow my page load speeds down. 

Business Catalyst Secure Zones - Display / Hide Content When A User Is Logged In

When I first started working with Business Catalyst, I must say, I was must excited about the 'Secure Zones' or 'members only' Business Catalyst has built in. So I immediately started playing with it and was blown away at the simplicity. The only thing I wasn't sure at the time of was a sure way to create a dynamic menu that would display or hide items based upon if the user was logged in or not. Well, after many secure zones / members only zones developed, I have found the three approaches that I have found to be the easiest to implement. We will start with the safest approach, and then move on from there. 

How To Make Your Business Catalyst Blog Social Media (Share) Friendly

Let's face it. The sharing of online content is now a standard and we as web designers / developers should account for that when creating a blog / e-commerce store / portfolio (pretty much anything with shareable content). The common problem I see is, when a post is going to be shared, the platform that is trying to share the content typically pulls the wrong information such as, pulls the wrong thumbnail, the wrong description, and sometimes even the wrong title! So, today we are going to take a look at how to make sure your website displays the right title, thumbnail, and description when being shared on social media platforms and don't worry, it is a pretty easy process. 

Add A Thumbnail To Your Business Catalyst Blog Posts

Let's face it. The default layout to the blog module in Business Catalyst is pretty 'meh' and if your coming from a code-less platform like Adobe Muse, adding a thumbnail may seem like a mountain of work / code. Well, let's tackle it right now and add a thumbnail to your blog right here and now!