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Good One Business Catalyst... You Won Me Over Again

So, this morning I woke up to a nice new update from Adobe's Business Catalyst that simply says... 'SSL' encryption is now available. Why is this a big deal to me? Well, simply put, most competitors (if you could even call them that) already have had this feature and it has progressively become a more important feature. Especially if you want to create a dynamic platform that will house customer profiles, passwords, and even take payments. 

The Biggest Reason We Fail At Living Our Dreams (And How We Can Fix It)

In order to fix a problem, we must first understand the problem itself. In this post, I wanted to tackle something I struggle with every day and I wanted to be open and honest with everyone and share my thought process. This is in my opinion... the BIGGEST reason we fail at living our dreams.  

How Easy Is It To Lead Your Dream Career / Life? Well...

It can be really easy... I s#!@ you not. But that all comes down to you. 

Being Open, Organic, and Dynamic With Your Art

I started years ago as a family photographer. We grew as photographers with our company - buying and learning new tools along the way. As our clientele got larger, we refined our art and honed in on the kind of photography that we loved to do. We ‘specialized’, so to speak, and we made a great living doing it.

Sell Online With Adobe Muse - Great E-commerce Solutions

The ability to sell online has become more and more of a necessity in this day and age. If you have a store front, it is almost expected for you to be able to ship your products as well but... Adobe Muse doesn't have a built in ability to sell online, so how do we do that? Well, let's dig right in.