Always Learning...

Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives For The Programs I Use The Most

So I have been extremely interested in learning about alternatives to Adobes Creative Cloud programs such as another photo editor, vector editor, video editor, and video compositor. All in all, the tools that I use the most so if you are here looking for an alternative to Indesign, or Adobe Muse, well then... I won't be touching those as of right now because I have yet to find solid alternatives. 

Welcome Pure Presence Creative - Version 3.0

So I, your friendly neighborhood creative dork, have been working on a new version / look for Pure Presence Creative for a couple weeks now and honestly am EXTREMELY excited for what has just launched. So here it is. A platform that is getting ever closer to what Jennifer and I had dreamt of when we first started creating for a living. So here is what is new and honestly what we are pushing for with this new look and interface... 

Good One Business Catalyst... You Won Me Over Again

So, this morning I woke up to a nice new update from Adobe's Business Catalyst that simply says... 'SSL' encryption is now available. Why is this a big deal to me? Well, simply put, most competitors (if you could even call them that) already have had this feature and it has progressively become a more important feature. Especially if you want to create a dynamic platform that will house customer profiles, passwords, and even take payments. 

The Biggest Reason We Fail At Living Our Dreams (And How We Can Fix It)

In order to fix a problem, we must first understand the problem itself. In this post, I wanted to tackle something I struggle with every day and I wanted to be open and honest with everyone and share my thought process. This is in my opinion... the BIGGEST reason we fail at living our dreams.  

Budget Friendly Filmmaking - A List Of Cameras And Tools To Get You Started

So it is snowy out and I have been browsing around for a couple of days now for a second camera for myself that I could use for a backup shooter and in my search, it dawned on me that I was leisurely searching for camera's in a much larger price range that I had only dreamed of years back. Now, I am not saying this to sound like a pompous a-hole, in fact, I am trying to share with you the opposite. I remember what it was like to search for the first camera that may fit in your budget especially when trying to start your film business in the first place. And from what I remember... it sucks. I feel so lucky to be able to look for tools with much less concern for price than what I used to. And to even get to this point took a LOT of work but... It all started with a single step. 

Why I Am Ditching Premiere Pro For Davinci Resolve

Recently, I made an announcement that I will be ditching Adobe Creative Cloud's Premiere Pro. So what made me do it? Davinci Resolve 14. 

I Bought A Mavic Pro Drone... And I Love It (A Review Of The DJI Mavic Pro)

Now, let me start this off by saying that this review will cover some of the specs but to be honest, I really wanted to really focus on how easy this is to use along with the footage you can capture with it. Also, I am by no means a 'Drone Professional' but I do have experience with camera. 

How Easy Is It To Lead Your Dream Career / Life? Well...

It can be really easy... I s#!@ you not. But that all comes down to you. 

Being Open, Organic, and Dynamic With Your Art

I started years ago as a family photographer. We grew as photographers with our company - buying and learning new tools along the way. As our clientele got larger, we refined our art and honed in on the kind of photography that we loved to do. We ‘specialized’, so to speak, and we made a great living doing it.

How To Compress Images For The Web In Adobe Photoshop

Recently, I was working on a project and realized that a huge part of my workflow was actually editing and compressing my images. the funny thing is, I spend so much time thinking about what to teach for web design and web development that I skipped over a crucial part of web design that doesn't involve code. So, today, let's tackle that crucial part of image compression. 

5 Tips For Hiring A Quality Professional Photographer

I’m currently working on a tutorial to help web creatives, who are not professional photographers, learn to take beautiful images for their own businesses or the businesses for which they build. As I mentioned in a previous post, (The Importance of Quality Images For a Website), I can’t stress enough the importance of quality photography content in websites and marketing material. From the products, filler images, and profile images, these are what initially catch the eye of the customer… and will hopefully keep them there to learn more.  

Here is to the new Year...

This will be short and straight to the point. We are ready. We have been skirting around this for far too long but we know it is time.